Oklahoma Nation 2022

Season Information

Beach Spring Training Dates:
April 3rd: 1-2:30pm
April 24th: 1-2:30pm
May 8th: 1-2:30pm
Summer Season: May 9th-July 15th
Fall Season: September & October

Oklahoma Nation Spring Training 

OK Nation will be hosting spring training sessions on Sundays March 28th - May 2nd. We will have 3 levels of training based on age and skill level. We will be sending our more information on the spring training sessions as the season approaches. Please join our mailing list to get updates and program information throughout the year.


Oklahoma Nation Elite Sand Program

The OK Nation Elite Sand program is for the older (14’s-18’s) competitive players and teams that will be training with OK Nation top coaches and will compete in tournaments that they select. Player and team placement at this level must be approved by the OK Nation coaching staff. 


Oklahoma Nation Advanced Sand Program

The OK Nation Advanced sand program is for all athletes wanting to practice and train as an individual or as a team with top coaches and can compete in tournaments that they select. This level will focus on the technique, skill and strategy of sand volleyball in a fast paced, competitive and fun environment. 


Oklahoma Nation Junior Sand Program

The OK Nation Junior Sand volleyball program is for players ages 11-14 that want to learn and excel in sand volleyball and want to practice 1x a week.